Annual Program Quality Review

What is the Annual Program Quality Review (APQR) process?

The APQR process builds on existing quality improvement activities of our academic programs by utilizing the current QI processes employed by academic programs and leveraging tools that we already use to prepare for accreditation. This process is intended to facilitate quality improvement and engage faculty in review and planning to support student and program success. As a program-based review of the previous academic year, it is based on quantitative and qualitative data across multiple data sources (e.g., KPI, CLIS consultation records, course evaluation data, certification exam results, etc.). Developed in collaboration with faculty colleagues, it uses existing  forums and identifies opportunities to share themes, innovations, and best practices within and across programs.

4 Key Elements of APQR

  1. Reflection – What went well over the past year (e.g., any themes across courses?)?
  2. Review – What can we prioritize for improvement next year?
  3. Action – What will we change? When?
  4. Outcome – What will be our measure(s) of success?

Why do an Annual Program Quality Review?

The APQR process provides a holistic view of all the quality improvement activities already happening in academic programs throughout the academic year, including progress and opportunities. As such, it can be done at the end of the current academic year or the beginning of the next academic year. The process is grounded in the principles that support Michener’s strategic goals of quality programs, excellent student experience, and potential for growth. By identifying efficiencies and developing this consolidated approach to quality improvement, we can:

  • better understand, reflect on, and improve the quality of academic programming,
  • continue to improve the student experience, and
  • support the growth of programs.

We Can Help!

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