Essentials of Healthcare in Canada

Fundamentals of Health Care

Program at a glance:

Credential Earned: Graduate Certificate
OSAP Eligible: No
Fees: $12,000

Program Length: 2 semesters (1 Year)

Program Delivery: In-person

Start Date: September 2024

Application Deadline: June 30, 2024

NOTE: Applicants with a high school/secondary school diploma are eligible to apply.

About the Program

Designed for international students who wish to study and gain experience abroad while learning about various perspectives of healthcare in Canada, Michener’s new certificate program, Essentials of Healthcare in Canada, provides a foundation to international learners interested in pursuing a future in healthcare.

This certificate program serves as an introduction to learners whose backgrounds may not traditionally lead into healthcare and helps them explore various educational pathways and career opportunities across multiple health disciplines.

Transfers are welcome for students who wish to explore healthcare education in Canada, expand upon the learnings from their current educational institute or pursue a more specialized direction with Michener.

Is This Program For Me?

In the Essentials of Health Care in Canada, you will:

  • Receive a recognized Ontario professional credential, with an opportunity for work experience if desired – both are advantages should emigration to Canada to work in health care be a future goal of yours
  • Learn about Canada’s health care system from various perspectives and disciplines – digital records, patient care, administration and more
  • Get the chance to study abroad
  • Become eligible for an 8-month post-graduate work permit opportunity following the completion of the program
  • Become eligible for part-time work opportunities while studying, up to 20 hours per week

What Will I Study?

When you enroll in the new certificate program, Essentials of Healthcare in Canada, you will learn the practical skills and key components of the healthcare ecosystem in Canada. Throughout your studies you will develop a foundation of general knowledge across a variety of health disciplines.

Courses include introductions to the healthcare profession and interprofessional care in Canada, healthcare communications, fundamentals of patient care, research methods, digital health and more.

Understanding Health Care in Canada

Canada’s publicly funded health care system, known to Canadians as ‘medicare’, provides universal coverage for medically necessary health care services to Canadians as set out by the federal Canada Health Act. The system is best described as an interlocking set of 10 provincial and 3 territorial health systems.

The federal government allocates transfer payment funding to Canada’s provinces and territories for the health system, among other responsibilities. The provincial and territorial governments deliver most of Canada’s health care services provided by health professionals, plan and fund hospitals and other health facilities, administer health insurance plans and more.

Michener is the only school in Canada funded by a provincial Ministry of Health to address the needs of the health system’s workforce needs – and is also part of a research hospital network, with experts in their chosen fields as course instructors.

As a partner in our government’s health labour force initiatives, Michener remains focused on the professions and skill sets our health system demands as patient care and technology evolves.