Accessibility & Accommodations Service Definition

Accessibility & Accommodations involves strategies that level the playing field for students by altering environmental factors that may present barriers to success. Examples of accommodation may include but not limited to:

  • Test and exam accommodation – providing extra test or exam time for a student
  • Other accommodation – providing other necessary accommodation to assist a student who has a documented disability

Students who wish to register with Michener’s Accessibility & Accommodations Services must connect with the Accessibility & Accommodations Learning Advisor in Room 1314, by calling 416.596.3101 ext. 1032, or by emailing

Accessibility & Accommodations

The Student Success Network (SSN) assists in making arrangements for students. The service is available to students under the following conditions:

  • Students requiring special accommodation for a documented disability.
  • Disclosure and assessment are required and must be submitted to the Accessibility & Accommodations Learning Advisor in order to receive accommodations.
  • Disclosure requires a valid written assessment specifying the accommodations the student requires. Students are asked to register with the Student Success Network within two weeks of the start of classes.
  • Students must re-register at the beginning of each school year.
  • Medical Radiation Sciences (MRS) students must register with University of Toronto Accessibility Services in order to receive Accessibility & Accommodations services. For registration to be complete, copies of assessment documents must be provided to University of Toronto. The student is required to notify Michener once the documents have been submitted to University of Toronto
  • Students are responsible for submitting the Exam/Test Accommodation Request Form with at least two weeks notice to the first day of the earliest test/exam date. We will make every effort to accommodate on shorter notice; however, we cannot guarantee, as spaces and invigilators are limited.
  • MRS students will write examinations at Michener unless space is unavailable, in which case they may write at University of Toronto.
  • Students will receive the test/exam accommodations specified on their assessments. If a student feels a need for further accommodation, the student must provide an additional assessment from a recognized professional.

For clinical accommodations, SSN, Health Services and the Office for Clinical Education will work with programs and clinical  sites on a case-by-case basis to find resources and advise regarding individual needs.