Guidelines for Invigilators

  1. Only candidates and invigilators shall be allowed in an examination room during an examination.
  2. Candidates will not be permitted to enter an examination room without an invigilator present.
  3. Candidates and invigilators should arrive at the Test Centre room not less than 15 minutes prior to an examination.
  4. Permission to enter an examination room 30 minutes after the commencement of an examination shall be at the discretion of the invigilator.
  5. If a student arrives no later than 30 minutes after the commencement of an examination, the original time allowed to take the exam will not be altered.
  6. Candidates will be informed as to the materials permitted in the examination room. Materials not required for the examination must be placed in an assigned locker. Bags, books, notes and any other hand carrier materials are to be deposited in areas designated by the invigilator and are not to be taken to the examination desk or table.
  7. Programmable calculators or cellphones/smartphones/pda’s are never allowed.
  8. The invigilator has authority to assign seats to candidates.
  9. Candidates shall not communicate with one another in any manner during the examination.
  10. Candidates who bring any unauthorized material into an examination room, or who assist or obtain assistance from other candidates or from any unauthorized source, will not be permitted to write the remaining part of the examination or any subsequent examinations. A student found guilty of cheating or plagiarism may be terminated from the program.
  11. Candidates shall answer examination questions according to instructions provided on the examination papers
  12. The invigilator will give a single warning approximately 30 minutes prior to the end of the examination time.
  13. At the conclusion of an examination all writing will cease. The invigilator may refuse to accept the papers of candidates who fail to observe this requirement.
  14. Examination papers or materials issued for the examinations shall not be removed from the examination room without the authority of the invigilator.
  15. Eating or drinking is not permitted in the examination room.
  16. Invigilators will complete an Examination Invigilation report at the end of each examination and deposit it with the SSN Coordinator.