Peer Tutoring

Seeking a Peer Tutor

We recognize that students may require access to peer tutoring from time to time. Students may self-refer or may be recommended by faculty throughout the academic year.

In either case, students will contact the Student Success Network to establish the parameters for peer tutoring and are expected to commit to a schedule to ensure the best possible outcome.

A maximum of 10 hours in total per semester, expected to be in a virtual/online format, is awarded to students who qualify for the program. Students who wish to receive more than 10 hours must re-apply/request permission from SSN Staff member.

Please fill out the application below and submit it to the Student Success Network (SSN),, Room 500A.

Application to Receive Peer Tutoring

Questions? Contact Student Success Network (SSN)

Become a Peer Tutor

Do you have strong academic skills with a positive attitude towards learning? Help others reach their academic goals through online/virtual tutoring tutoring.


  • Positive attitude towards learning.
  • Well organized, able to explain things clearly.
  • Committed to helping others.
  • Patient and respectful of others.
  • Demonstrated strong academic performance.

Faculty recommendation and signature is required for the subject(s) in which you wish to tutor.


  • Help tutee identify problem areas.
  • Provide academic assistance in specific subject areas.
  • Help tutees develop effective learning strategies.
  • Facilitate independent learning by helping tutees discover their own answers and insights.
  • Complete reports and invoices as requested by the Student Success Network.

Tutors are eligible to tutor a maximum of 24 hours per academic semester – the pay rate is $14.35/hr.

NOTE – Tutors are required to submit hours and are paid in total at the end of each academic semester.

Application to become a Peer Tutor
Questions? Contact Student Success Network (SSN)