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Please email Michener at for more information about the accreditation process or if you have any questions related to the status of your application.

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Michener has expertise at many different intersections of teaching and learning that can help you to create high quality and enriching CPD activities. We can direct you to educational resources and experts in each of these areas:

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Interprofessional Education

Identifying learning needs, designing, and facilitating an activity for professions to learn about, from and with each other

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Online Education Design

Using different teaching strategies, softwares and technologies to create an interactive and engaging online CPD activity

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Continuous Quality Improvement

Consolidating and using feedback that has been collected through a program evaluation to make meaningful improvements to the CPD activity

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Cultural Humility in Education

Practicing cultural humility and how to use various teaching and learning practices when working with learners from different cultural backgrounds

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Adopting techniques that create a learning environment that feels safe and comfortable for learners, encourages interaction, and enables learners to learn from, about, and with each other

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Simulation Development

Using evidence-based best practices and available resources to develop and facilitate simulation activities for teaching and assessment of learners

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Needs Assessments

Developing a needs assessment strategy and using different methods and sources of information to identify the perceived and unperceived learning needs of your target audience

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Program Evaluation

Creating an evaluation plan that will inform the continuous quality improvement of the CPD activity

Michener is now accepting applications for accreditation!

Applications should be submitted at least 8 weeks prior to the intended start date of your CPD activity.
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