The Michener Institute: Canada’s centre of excellence for the advancement of applied health sciences education

The Michener Institute of Education at UHN is Canada’s only post-secondary institution devoted exclusively to health sciences education. It has more than 85,000 graduates who serve a vital role in the country’s health care sector in such fields as Radiation Therapy, Medical Laboratory Science, Nuclear Medicine Technology, Respiratory Therapy and Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI). The Michener Institute combines theory, laboratory practice and clinical education. It has over 5,000 full-time, part-time and continuing education students in 18 academic programs, many of these programs unique to Ontario and Canada. These academic programs are further enriched through partnerships with many top companies and leading health care organizations.

Strong clinical partnerships

The Michener Institute is affiliated with more than 150 clinical sites across Canada, most in Ontario. Clinical sites include hospitals, private medical laboratories, private clinics and long-term care facilities. Our clinical partner sites include most of the multi-discipline teaching hospitals throughout Ontario, as well as some in other provinces. Michener also has clinical sites in specialty institutions including private clinics, pediatric, geriatric and rehabilitation centres.

Recruiting Canada’s future healthcare workers

The Michener Institute is committed to meeting the dual challenge of current and future human resource development needs of a Canadian health care system that is already under strain. With small class sizes, dedicated faculty, state-of-the-art technology and an emphasis on hands-on clinical education, The Michener Institute consistently produces graduates who are in demand across Ontario and Canada. Over the past five years, most of Michener’s programs have maintained a graduate employment rate of almost 100%, higher than any other post-secondary institution in the country. The Michener Institute provides current and innovative health care education and is unique among all post-secondary institutions in its commitment to meeting educational requirements in the healthcare sector. The Michener Institute also conducts labour market research studies that are invaluable to the health care community.

Mega Ends Policy (Mission statement)

The Michener Institute exists to advance applied health sciences and associated professionals in order to enhance the health of individuals and communities in Ontario and beyond.

The Michener Institute focuses on:

  1. Highly competent graduates who are members of the interprofessional health care team.
    Graduates with knowledge, skills, attitudes and judgment to make them effective highly sought after, and qualified for career entry and well placed for advancement.

    • Graduates achieve recognized and endorsed competencies.
    • Graduates earn recognized academic and professional credentials.
    • Graduates are prepared for practice in Ontario and beyond with the capacity to excel in a variety of work environments.

    Graduates are recognized for the capacity for continuous learning including:

    • Innovation
    • Flexibility
    • Scientific Inquiry
    • The ongoing pursuit of learning.
  2. Advancement of professional practice for established and emerging applied health sciences disciplines.
    • Advancement of knowledge through research in applied health sciences, where strategic opportunities exist.
    • Dissemination of that knowledge through innovative curriculum, program development, and program delivery.
    • Personal growth and professional advancement through academic career laddering.


The Michener Institute is a centre of excellence for the advancement of applied health sciences education.