Applied Educational Research (AER)

What We Do

Reporting to the Senior Director, Learning, Innovation and Research, AER collects, analyzes and interprets data to support internal stakeholders with planning, decision making, and continuous quality improvement. Applied Educational Research also provides consultative support to Michener faculty and staff engaged in scholarship of inquiry. Some of AER’s primary functions related to these include:

  • Conducting and reporting on Michener’s annual Key Performance Indicator Surveys (e.g., Graduate Satisfaction, Employer Satisfaction, and Student Satisfaction)
  • Collecting, processing, and disseminating course evaluation results each semester
  • Conducting ad hoc research and analysis, including studies that support strategic planning
  • Advising Michener faculty or staff about access to institutional data and research ethics for their scholarly work
  • Supporting the activities of Michener’s Research Ethics Board (REB) and Data Access Review Committee (DARC)
  • Consulting with Michener faculty or staff engaged in scholarly inquiry about research design, analysis, and interpretation
  • Consulting with Michener service departments about survey and evaluation design, analysis, and interpretation

Mission Statement

To provide timely, accurate, and value-added data, analysis, and information to members of the Michener community to support evidence-based decision making and scholarship of inquiry.

Integrated Consultation Service

Applied Educational Research (AER) endeavours to advance a culture of scholarly inquiry by integrating collaboratively with its partners The Centre for Learning, Innovation and Simulation (CLIS) and the Learning Resource Centre (LRC).

AER is committed to assisting Michener Faculty and Staff with their scholarly endeavours. We provide integrated consultation services in collaboration with CLIS and LRC on scholarly activity, research ethics, and course evaluation. Faculty and Staff are encouraged to contact Applied Educational Research with their project questions.

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Applied Educational Research (AER)
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