Data Access Requests

This page provides information about the policies and procedures for requests to access Michener data.

About Michener Data

A wealth of data is collected and maintained at the Michener Institute which pertain to the functions and activities associated with the Institute and its students, faculty, and staff. This data includes, but is not limited to, grades and other student records, course outlines, evaluation results, administrative and financial records, research, and information related to Michener’s external profile. The data collected at Michener plays an essential role in evidence-informed reflection, planning, and decision-making throughout the institution, from academics to operations.

Data Access Requests

Requests for access to Michener data are received from faculty, staff, students, and external partners. Access to Michener data is controlled by the Data Access Review Committee (DARC). DARC is composed of representatives from across Michener, including Faculty, Chairs, and Administration. The Committee reviews requests for access to Michener Data to determine purpose, accountability, applicability, and scope, and releases data where appropriate. The Institutional Analysis & Evaluation (IAE) Department supports applicants and the application process, as well as the work of the DARC.

What types of Michener data require a formal request for access?

The table below provides classification guidelines for three levels of data to help applicants determine whether a formal request is required for access to the desired Michener data. Applicants are encouraged to consult with IAE with any questions or for clarification about the data.

Classification Guidelines for Data

Low Security

  • Open to the public
  • Contains factual information
  • No risk implications
  • Course descriptions
  • Admissions procedures
  • Tuition information
Medium Security

  • Not open to public
  • Contains internal information
  • Moderate risk implications
  • Course outlines
  • Key Performance Indicator (KPI) data
  • Pass rates on certification examinations
  • Graduation Rates
High Security

  • Confidential/restricted access
  • Data containing information on an individual level
  • Grades
  • Focus group data
  • Course-Faculty Evaluation (CFE) results
Data Level Examples Submission Required

Formal requests for Michener data should begin with a review of the Access to Institutional Data Process Map, which outlines the specific steps required to complete your submission. How do I request access to Michener data?

All submissions must include a completed Data Access Request Form. Applicants are also advised to review the associated policies and procedures, which are found below.

Completed Data Access Request Forms are submitted electronically to IAE at


  • Data Access Request Form  This form is designed to facilitate requests for access to institutional data for internal and external applicants. Any individual or group that would like to use Michener’s institutional data for scholarly activity, publication, or presentation must complete and submit this form for review and approval by Michener’s DARC.

Policies and Procedures

Process Maps

  • The process map outlines the specific steps required to complete your submission to formally request Michener data.

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