Pediatric Physical Assessment

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In Class


Variable depending on the customized contract. Not available for individual registration.


7.5 hours - Time customized with contract


Dr. Marcos Silva MD, FRCPC (Medical Director)

Learner Outcomes

We will integrate theory with practice through lectures and case studies with an expert in pediatric medicine to enhance your learning experience.

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No formal evaluation

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This course is offered on a customized contract basis only (large groups or hospitals) and is available for onsite delivery. This course is not available for individual registration. Please email for information.

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Certificate Program

Upon successful completion of the course you will receive a Michener Certificate of Completion

Topics Covered

• Respiratory System – Croup (Stridor) and Asthma (Wheeze)
• Cardiovascular System – Innocent Murmur and Blue Baby
• Respiratory and Cardiovascular Systems – Myocarditis with Arrest
• Gastrointestinal System – Jaundice and Appendicitis
• Nephrology and Fluids – Gastroenteritis and UTI
• Gastrointestinal and Nephrology – DKA with Abdominal Pain
• Dermatology – Innocent Rashes vs. Worrisome Rashes
• Rheumatology/Musculoskeletal – Septic Joint and Child Abuse (fracture)
• Dermatology and Musculoskeletal – Henoch Schoenlein Purpura
• Neurology – Migraine Headache and Febrile Convulsion
• Head and Neck – FUO in Infancy and Otitis Media
• Neurology and Head & Neck – Meningitis with Status Epilepticus

Pediatric Physical Assessment


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