Advanced Mechanical Ventilation

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Instruction Method

Online self-study learning modules, discussion forums, and graded tests. Continuous tutor support via discussion forum, email, and Zoom meetings every other week.


$899 domestic and $1299 International


8 weeks online


Thomas Piraino RRT, FCSRT, FAARC

Learner Outcomes

Upon successful completion of the course, the Learner will be able to:
1.    Explain conventional modes of ventilation and how they relate to the equation of motion.
2.    Recognize patient effort in standard ventilator waveforms.
3.    Differentiate between patient-ventilator asynchronies and demonstrate an understanding of possible corrective measures.
4.    Describe advanced monitoring measurements using esophageal pressure and electrical impedance tomography.
5.    Describe different options to monitor patient effort and drive to breath.
6.    Explain various measurement values associated with ventilator patient outcomes, and/or ventilator induced lung injury.
7.    Demonstrate an understanding of airway closure, and the recruitment-to-inflation ratio.
8.    Demonstrate an understanding of current research related to these advanced mechanical ventilation practices

Course Objectives

The purpose of this course is to fill the knowledge gap between what is considered entry-level knowledge of mechanical ventilation and the increasing knowledge requirements needed at the bedside, especially in centres with higher patient acuity/complexity, or those performing physiology-based mechanical ventilation research.

Intended For

Respiratory Therapists

Start Date: Winter 2025, exact date TBD

Register By: Registration for the 2024-2025 school year will open in late May/early June

Text Book

Mechanical Ventilation: From Pathophysiology to Clinical Practice


Online modules and biweekly virtual sessions


Pre Requisites:

  1. Registration with the CSRT as a Respiratory Therapist
  2. General understanding of mechanical ventilation

Topics Covered

Topics covered:

  • Modes of ventilation and the equation of motion
  • Patient-ventilator asynchrony
  • Esophageal pressure measurements
  • Electrical impedance tomography
  • Monitoring effort and drive to breath
  • Monitoring risk during mechanical ventilation
  • Airway closure and recruitment potential

Advanced Mechanical Ventilation – AMVM110

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