Artificial Intelligence and Data Science

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12 weeks online


Learner Outcomes

This mandatory course will focus on data science and data analytics skills needed to work with health data. It will familiarize students with databases, working with data and managing data. Statistical concepts related to AI will also be covered.

Topics that will be covered:

  • Introduction to Data Science and it’s Relation to AI
  • Operational Systems: Relational and Non-Relational Databases
  • Analytical Systems: Data Warehousing
  • Analytical Systems: Data Mining
  • Data Sources in health Care Environment
  • Standards used in Defining Data in the Health Care Environment
  • Managing Data
  • Cloud Computing and Data Science
  • Data Governance


Must successfully complete Course 1: Artificial Intelligence I Fundamentals


CodeCourse TitleFormatTuitionDate(s)Register ByAvailability
AINT120-SE1AI and Data ScienceOnline$1,918.00May-04-2020 to Jul-26-2020Apr-30-2020Closed
AINT120-SE1AI and Data ScienceOnline$1,918.00May-10-2021 to Aug-01-2021May-06-2021Closed