Basic Life Support (CPR) Renewal

Course Information

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Instruction Method

In class


See table below


2.5 hours (5:00 pm- 7:30 pm)

Please note:
Current HSF BLS issued within the previous 12 months or completion of HSF BLS challenge is a mandatory pre requisite.


Heart and Stroke certified Instructors

Learner Outcomes

As a healthcare professional, you will be prepared to recognize several life-threatening emergencies and be able to:

• Perform CPR.
• Use an Automated External Defibrillator (AED).
• Relieve choking in a safe, timely, and effective manner.
• Perform rescue skills in adult, child, and infant patients in both the out-of-hospital and in-hospital settings.

Evaluation Method

• Written examination (open book- multiple choice)
• Practical skills evaluation- use of free APP- heartisense student as feedback mechanism

Intended For

Healthcare professionals and students of healthcare professions. BLS Renewal is  a fast-paced course that allows the experienced BLS provider ( those who are confident in their BLS skills through regular use in their work in the ED, CCU, ICU on code team, or paramedics and first responders) the opportunity to demonstrate knowledge through written and skills assessment in a concentrated program.

This course is also available by contract for on-site delivery. Please email for information.


Please note: Current HSF BLS issued within the previous 12 months or completion of HSF BLS challenge is a mandatory pre-requisite.
It is the responsibility of the student at the time of registration to ensure all pre requisites (HSF BLS card issued within 12 months OR HSF BLS challenge certificate ) have been met. If those pre requisites are not met the student will not be permitted to attend the course. The Michener Institute of Education at UHN is not responsible for any expenses/costs student may have incurred (travel, accommodations, missed work, and miscellaneous).

Text Book

Not included in course fee. BLS Providers 2015 manual (RE3310E). See Pre Requisites for information. Download of free APP - CPR add-on kit student


The Michener Institute of Education at UHN, 222 St. Patrick Street, Toronto, ON- unless indicated otherwise in the table below

Certificate Program

Upon successful completion of the course you will receive a BLS Provider Ecard issued by Heart and Stroke Foundation and valid for 12 months. HSF will email instructions to access the online Ecard after successful completion of the course.


  • Registration with Heart and Stroke for your Heart and Stroke Id Number
  • Download free APP:  CPR add-on kit student
  • Textbook: Not included in course fee. BLS  Providers 2015 manual (RE3310E), which is available at:
    • University of Toronto bookstore or login to your HSF Account and go to SHOP (bottom of the page) .
  • Current Heart & Stroke BLS card (taken within the last 12 months)
    • If your BLS card has expired or was issued by another organization other than HSF you may still attend the course if you complete the HSF online BLS Challenge and email the challenge certificate to before the course.
    • To access the HSF BLS online challenge  log into your HSF account and use the link to BLS Challenge.


  • It is critical that learners come prepared. The BLS Renewal course is fast-paced, assumes learners have retained the cognitive knowledge and can demonstrate skills mastery. there will be limited practice and limited opportunities for remedial coaching.
    • Learners who are not successful in passing the skills test or knowledge test will have to take a full BLS Provider course.

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CodeCourse TitleFormatTuitionDate(s)Register ByAvailability
CR803-Y010Basic Life Support Renewal5-7:30 pmWorkshop$59.00May-28-2021 to May-28-2021Open
CR803-Y029Basic Life Support Renewal Course for Michener Full Time students Only- clinical placement requirement- 5-7:30PM - Annex 222 Workshop$59.00Jun-24-2021 to Jun-24-2021Open
CR803-Y011Basic Life Support Renewal 5-7:30pmWorkshop$59.00Jun-25-2021 to Jun-25-2021Open
CR803-Y030Basic Life Support Renewal Course for Michener Full Time students Only- clinical placement requirement- 5-7:30PM- Annex 222 Workshop$59.00Jun-29-2021 to Jun-29-2021Open
CR803-Y012Basic Life Support Renewal 5-7:30pmWorkshop$59.00Jul-23-2021 to Jul-23-2021Open
CR803-Y013Basic Life Support Renewal5-7:30pmWorkshop$59.00Aug-20-2021 to Aug-20-2021Open
CR803-Y01HSF Basic Life Support (BLS) RenewalWorkshop$59.00Sep-10-2021 to Sep-10-2021Open
CR803-Y02HSF Basic Life Support (BLS) RenewalWorkshop$59.00Oct-22-2021 to Oct-22-2021Open
CR803-Y03HSF Basic Life Support (BLS) RenewalWorkshop$59.00Nov-19-2021 to Nov-19-2021Open
CR803-Y04HSF Basic Life Support (BLS) RenewalWorkshop$59.00Dec-10-2021 to Dec-10-2021Open
CR803-Y05HSF Basic Life Support (BLS) RenewalWorkshop$59.00Jan-14-2022 to Jan-14-2022Open
CR803-Y06HSF Basic LIfe Support (BLS) RenewalWorkshop$59.00Feb-18-2022 to Feb-18-2022Open
CR803-Y07HSF Basic Life Support (BLS) RenewalWorkshop$59.00Mar-18-2022 to Mar-18-2022Open