Bioinformatics and Genetic Variants Interpretation

Course Information

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Instruction Method

Online – login information will be emailed on the course start date


Domestic $1200
International $1500


12 weeks; 4.8 CEU


Michelle Mah
Victor Martinez

Learner Outcomes

By the end of this bioinformatics course, participants will be able to:

  • Recognize and Interpret Sequence Data: Understand different types of sequence data and their relevance in clinical genomics.
  • Perform Basic Sequence Data Analysis: Acquire the skills to analyze and interpret sequence data using various bioinformatics tools and methods.
  • Understand Data Visualization: Gain a foundational understanding of data visualization techniques to effectively present and interpret sequence data.
  • Develop Data Management Strategies: Implement strategies for managing and documenting sequence data for efficient future use.
  • Understand Variant Calling Processes: Learn the principles and practices of germline and somatic variant calling, including quality control and variant filtering.
  • Analyze and Interpret Variants: Apply best practices and appropriate tools to perform variant annotation and reporting

Course Objectives

Students will gain the ability to recognize, interpret and analyze sequence data, perform variant calling, and apply variant interpretation skills through a combination of lectures, online discussions, practical hands-on sessions and assessments.

Evaluation Method

  • Online Discussions/Participation
  • Multiple-Choice Quizzes
  • Written Assignments
  • Presentation

Intended For

Genetic Technology MLTs or those with similar qualifications.



Text Book

All materials are provided online.


  • Genetics Technology MLT or similar qualification.
  • A minimum of 1 year of work experience would be preferred.
  • Familiarity with next-generation sequencing technology would be a plus but this course will go over the fundamentals briefly and will offer suggested background readings.

Topics Covered

  • High-throughput sequencing data and data analysis: Focuses on the fundamentals of sequence data and the application of best practices using various sequencing approaches.
  • Variant calling: Teaches the principles of germline and somatic variant calling, analysis and visualization.

Bioinformatics and Genetic Variants Interpretation – BIVA110

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