Nursing: Bridging to Professional Practice

Course Information

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Instruction Method

On line self-study modules. Approximately 60 hours of online work.






8 weeks online


Klara Malkova, RN, MEd, CNCC(C)

Course Objectives

By the end of the course the learner will be able to:

  • Apply knowledge of A&P and pathophysiology to recognize changes in a patient status
  • Perform a focused physical assessment, recognizing normal and abnormal findings
  • Demonstrate management of a deteriorating patient
  • Demonstrate effective communication via documentation and with physicians, nurses, unregulated HCP and patients/families
  • Synthesize relevant patient information in escalation of patient concerns to physicians and report to nurses
  • Demonstrate safe medication practices

Evaluation Method

Application Practice:

  •  5 case study modules with quizzes
    (self-assessment quiz style)
  • 2 branching modules mimicking real-life challenges (1 medical + 1 surgical)

Each practice and assessment virtual sim  have specific objectives.

For example:

For a sim around recognizing a deteriorating patient:

  • Reflect on physical assessment findings to identify concerns
  • Identify what pathophysiological process is occurring in the patient
  • Prioritize nursing actions in management of a patient with a change in their status
  • Select appropriate screening tools for a patient
  • Analyze diagnostic results and identify relevant findings
  • Demonstrate the escalation of patient concerns

Intended For

This comprehensive course is intended for:

  • Nurses new to professional practice with little or no previous experience
  • Hospital sponsorship for new-grad RNs undergoing orientation as in innovative strategy in the Nursing Graduate Guarantee Program– please email to enquire about hospital sponsorship.


This course is still being developed and is unlikely to be offered before Fall 2024. Please check back for further details and dates.

For hospital sponsorship enquiries please email:



online modules with tutor support

Certificate Program

Certificate of Completion

Topics Covered

  • Anatomy & Physiology:
    • Cardiovascular Review
    • Hemodynamics Principles
    • Respiratory Review
    • Oxygenation, Ventilation & Perfusion
    • Oxygen Therapy & Non-invasive Ventilation
    • Neuro Review
    • Gastrointestinal Review
    • Renal Review
    • Immune & Infection Review
    • Hematology Review
  • Pathophysiology:
    • Acute coronary syndrome
    • Heart failure
    • Cardiac disorders
    • Respiratory disorders
    • Acute respiratory failure
    • Sepsis
  • Pharmacology:
    • Pharmacology Principles Review
    • Addition of safe med practices
  • Physical Assessment:
    • Physical Assessment Techniques & General Survey
    • Neuro Assessment
    • Cardiovascular Assessment
    • Respiratory Assessment
    • Gastrointestinal Assessment
    • Genitourinary Assessment
  • Nursing Foundations:
    • Critical Thinking in Nursing
    • Nursing practice: Patient safety, communication, and teamwork
    • Clinical cases: Clinical decision-making practice.


Nursing Bridging to Professional Practice – BPNU110

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