Introduction to PET/MRI Technology

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Robert Miner MSc (NM)

Course Objectives

PET/MRI is the newest modality in clinical imaging. The multimodality aspect of PET/MRI has created issues for technologists who lack an education base in PET and MRI. Currently nuclear medicine technologists may be trained in PET but not MRI while MRI technologists are trained in MRI but not PET. The focus of this course is to address this dichotomy. Technologists will gain an understanding of PET, MRI and PET/MRI instrumentation, departmental design and clinical applications.

Evaluation Method

This course will be evaluated with 2 tests and a final exam. Each test is worth 30%. The exam will cover all the course material and is worth 40% of the final mark.

Intended For

Healthcare professionals in medical radiation sciences. This course is aimed at all MRTs. A basic knowledge of medical imaging and radiation physics is required.




There are no prerequisites for this course.

Topics Covered

This course is delivered in 6 modules.

1. Introduction

2. PET instrumentation

3. MRI instrumentation

4. PET/MRI instrumentation

5. PET/MRI department design

6. PET/MRI clinical applications

Introduction to PET/MRI Technology – IG809 – Continuing Education

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