Exercise & Cancer for Fitness and Health Professionals

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CANR100 - Not Currently Offered

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Special Virtual delivery


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8 synchronized sessions in June 2020


Dr. Daniel Santa Mina, Patrice de Peiza, Kailey Trewartha

Learner Outcomes

Exercise is an established, evidence-based supportive care treatment for people with cancer. The various types of cancer and the adverse effects associated with their treatment must be considered for safe and effective exercise in people with this complex chronic disease. This course will review the exercise guidelines for people with cancer, common exercise adaptations required for people during and after treatment, and the model of care at the Princess Margaret’s Cancer Rehab and Exercise Program (CaRE). Participants will learn from experienced exercise and rehabilitation professionals in oncology and participate in interactive activities to support an applied understanding of exercise in people with cancer.

Course Objectives

The course is delivered in the following modules:

  • An Overview of Cancer for Fitness and Health Professionals
  • Common Cancer Treatments and Related Adverse Effects
  • Cancer Survivorship and the Role of Exercise
  • Exercise Guidelines for People with Cancer
  • Monitoring and Adapting Exercise for Common Disease and Treatment-related Adverse Effects
  • Working Together and with the Evidence to Safely and Effectively Deliver Cancer-Exercise Programming
  • The Cancer Rehab & Exercise (CaRE) Program at the Princess Margaret Cancer Centre
  • Case Study Analysis


Please note, this course is not currently offered.

Special Price for Virtual Delivery- Join in with colleagues and friends from a distance. This workshop was developed by: Princess Margaret Cancer Rehab


ELLICSR: Health, Wellness & Cancer Survivorship Centre (TGH)

CANR100 – Exercise & Cancer for Fitness and Health Professionals Course

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