Introduction to Cancer Rehabilitation and Survivorship

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Instruction Method

Online (self-paced) Expect 10-15 hours in total dedicated time to completion of content.


Domestic: $199
International: $250


Continuous enrolment max 3-months


Patrice de Peiza, OT Reg.(Ont.), MScCH, CLT

Course Objectives

By the end of this course, you should:

  1. Have developed a broad overview of cancer, its treatments, common persistent and late effects, as well as survivorship and outpatient rehabilitation.
  2. Understand that the physical or cognitive impairments in individuals with or recovering from cancer often require a different approach to management than for people with other chronic health conditions.

Intended For

This course is open to all learners and healthcare professionals looking to expand their knowledge of cancer rehabilitation and survivorship.


  • The course provides an overview of the fundamental basics required for you to develop an understanding of cancer, common treatments, persistent and late effects of treatment, as well as outpatient rehabilitation and survivorship care.
  • It is a basic prerequisite course, as it sets the foundation for future courses offered by the Cancer Rehabilitation and Survivorship Program at the University Health Network.
  • The material is divided into five interactive modules and includes knowledge checks along the way to promote retention of the information presented, 10-15 hours in total.

Topics Covered

This course is divided into five modules that build on each other.

These include:

  1. Introduction to Cancer Rehabilitation and Survivorship
  2. Cancer Treatments: Goals, Approaches, and Common Treatment Types
  3. Persistent and Late Adverse Effects of Cancer Treatment: Fatigue, Cognitive Dysfunction, and Lymphedema
  4. Persistent and Late Adverse Effects of Cancer Treatment: Pain and Musculoskeletal Concerns
  5. Cancer Survivorship and Outpatient Rehabilitation

Introduction to Cancer Rehabilitation and Survivorship – ICRS110

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