Course Formats and Options

The School of Continuing Education (SCE) offers professional development in several formats.

SCE works with educational designers and subject matter experts to create accessible course content that leverages different learning methods. You can register for a series of certificates and courses offered online, in-person and, in some cases, with flexible timelines. In addition to our in-class courses, we also offer online learning through Blackboard.  The method of delivery is indicated in the “Format” section of each course description. The following below are the current course formats:

Facilitated Courses – Online

Facilitated courses start at specific times throughout the year and usually run for about 12 weeks or one semester. Online facilitators help you learn throughout the course from week to week, and include various assessment components to help solidify your learning. This includes many speciality courses, certificate courses and webinars.

Self-Study Courses – Online

Self-Study courses are open for registration any time throughout the year. Complete a course at your own pace and within one year of registration. This flexible option gives you control over how long you spend learning online, and tutors are available virtually to answer your questions and guide you through the course. At Michener, most self-study options are online.

Classroom-Based Courses

Some courses are offered exclusively in a classroom or require hands-on, simulated practice to ensure you acquire both the knowledge and skills you need to be successful. CE runs many workshops, such as Advanced Cardiac Life Support, and in topics including conflict resolution and cultural humility.

Hybrid Courses

Hybrid courses are designed to deliver content online and have in-person, classroom components to reinforce learning. Classroom-based instruction paired with online learning also has the added benefit of meeting your peers and instructors face-to-face.

Course Sections

Some courses have multiple sections listed beneath the course description.

  • If you are using a paper registration form and are registering for a multi-section course, please include the section you are interested in attending.
  • If you are registering online, please select the icon beside the section you are interested in attending.

Continuing education course materials

In many of our courses, all required materials are included in your tuition.

In class courses – Course materials are usually distributed during class, but if advance preparation is required, they will either be emailed to you or shipped after the registration deadline.

Online courses – Your Blackboard login-in information will be emailed to you on or before the first day of class. Course materials can be accessed directly in Blackboard.

Access to online materials

For Online – Self Study courses, you have one year from the registration date to complete the course. You may register and begin the course at any time throughout the academic year. Please view the Student Guide for Continuous Intake Courses for more information.

For Online – Facilitated courses, that have a scheduled start date and end date, you will have access to course materials for one month after the course end date.

Required textbooks

If additional materials are required or recommended ( eg. textbooks), they will be clearly indicated in the course description and may be purchased from the University of Toronto Bookstore. We regret that we are unable to provide required texts on extended loan from Michener’s Learning Resource Centre.

We also recommend you use the specific edition of the textbook listed in the course description. Although the content of previous or subsequent editions may be similar, assignment questions and selected pages may differ.