Student Readmission Procedure

Student Readmission Procedure
Approval DateJune 28, 2018
Effective DateSeptember 4, 2018


This procedure is to clarify the current Academic Standing Policy as it relates specifically to students choosing to reapply* to either the same or a different program of study. Students may only reapply to The Michener Institute once and we must ensure that any prior issues relating to a lack of academic progress are addressed prior to allowing students to return.

*This does not affect students who have interrupted their studies due to a temporary leave of absence.


If applying to re-admit to the same program the student was enrolled in at the time of their academic suspension:

  • Terms for re-admission are provided by the Promotions Review Committee (PRC) and the Academic Chair. Copies of the notification letters are forwarded to the Registrar and are kept on file as part of the student’s official student record. The Registrar ensures:
    • Records and registration staff in the Registrar’s Office update the student’s academic record with the relevant status and Academic Standing;
    • Admissions staff in the Registrar’s Office update the student’s applicant record to a status of readmit for the Academic Year, term and semester of study’
    • Prior to the deadline in the Academic Chair’s letter, the student completes and submits an Application for Re-admission and a non-refundable $500 tuition deposit;
    • Admissions staff will review the candidate’s re-admission application to ensure all terms of readmission have been fulfilled. If approved a student may be allowed to re-admit after having completed their terms of academic suspension;
    • Upon re-admission, the student will be placed on Academic Probation II and will be subject to Michener’s Academic Standards Policy. Students will remain on probation until the Promotions Review Committee meeting at the end of the semester where they will either progress in good standing (GPA greater than 2.0), on Probation I or be required to withdraw permanently.

If applying to re-admit to a different program at The Michener Institute, the following also applies:

  • After it has been determined that the candidate has fulfilled all the terms outlined in their letter of suspension and after it has been determined that the candidate is eligible to apply for re-admission, they must apply through the Ontario Colleges Application Service as a new intake student. The applicant will be assessed and ranked along with all others in the incoming cohort (or as indicated on suspension letter). Admission is not guaranteed for a student choosing to reapply to an alternate program choice.


A student who applies for re-admission is not guaranteed he/she will be successful in gaining admission. Each student’s conditions for readmission are different and as such each application is viewed independently.  If a student is successful in his/her application for re-admission, a Learning Plan II will be developed by the student’s Program Communications Liaison (PCL) and their Chair.

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Revision History

Date Reviewer Change(s) Made
February 23, 2011 Bill Pitman Document Revised
March 21, 2011 Academic Approval Council Approved
July 5, 2012 Academic Approval Council Approved
July 14, 2014 Academic Approval Council Streamline process; build in communication consistency and accuracy between Chairs and students; implement non-refundable deposit of $500
June 15, 2017 Wendy Pais Document reviewed; no changes required
June 28, 2018 Cathy Carson Clarified process steps as identified with Admissions staff and Chairs; Removed consequences; Removed references to forms/documents not available.