A.W. Conn Respiratory Therapy Scholarship

Program(s): Respiratory Therapy

Title: A.W. Conn Respiratory Therapy Scholarship

Code: S-01-9240

Type: Scholarship

Term Status: Completed Semester 5

Residency Requirements: Ontario resident. Canadian Citizen (or PR or PP).

OTSS Funded*: Yes

Demonstrated Financial Need*: Yes

Criteria 1: Awarded to the full-time Respiratory Therapy student who, at the end of the 5th semester, has achieved the highest academic average in the didactic phase.

Criteria 2:

Criteria 3:

Minimum GPA:

Type of Application: Nomination (Program Chair)

Application Requirements:

Nomination/Reference Requirements:

Selection Made By: Program Chair

Award Value: $500

Number of Awards: 1

Nominate Awards:

*If the Scholarship, Award or Named Bursary indicates “Yes” to “OTSS Funded” and/or “Demonstrated Financial Need”, a Financial Need Assessment form must be submitted to regoffice@michener.ca with your application.

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