Internationally Educated Applicants

Have you completed your education outside of Canada and thinking about pursuing a career in healthcare? You have come to the right page! Michener welcomes applications from individuals with recognized international credentials.

Internationally educated applicants are Citizens or Permanent Residents of Canada with international education. To be considered for admissions, internationally educated applicants must submit a credential assessment and proof of English language proficiency by the application document deadlines in addition to meeting the program-specific admission requirements. Only original copies of these documents will be accepted. Visit the Supporting Documents page for more information on program-specific required documents.

  • Michener does not accept international transcripts or English translations of foreign documents to support applications to full-time or part-time programs.
  • All documents submitted for application purposes (transcripts, credential assessments, and English language assessments) become the property of Michener and will not be returned.

If you’re applying to any of Michener’s full-time, part-time, or Continuing Education programs and you completed your education outside of Canada, you must have your education verified by a credential assessment. Your credential assessment must indicate that your education is equivalent to the program-specific admission requirements.

A Course-By-Course or Comprehensive evaluation is required. Your evaluation must include all courses taken, grades and credits achieved, qualification title, institution, and date of completion or conferral. A document-to-document evaluation is not sufficient and will not be considered. The credential assessment must be submitted by the application document deadline.

Please Note: Course-by-Course or Comprehensive evaluation is not required for Fundamentals of Health Care program. For more information, please go to the Fundamentals of Health Care section below.

Accepted Credential Assessments

Michener does not assess international credentials but accepts assessments from ICAS or WES. See details:

Service International Credential Assessment Service (ICAS) World Education Services (WES)
Transcripts Assessed Secondary & Postsecondary transcripts University transcripts
Assessment Type Comprehensive evaluation Course by Course evaluation
Cost $130 (secondary)
$200 (postsecondary)
$280 (secondary and postsecondary)
$210 – $250
Contact Toll-free: 1-800-321-6021 Tel: 416-972-0070
Toll-free: 1-866-343-0070
Website ICAS WES
Notes ICAS is recommended for those applying to programs that require a high school transcript. WES does not offer a course-by-course evaluation at the secondary school level.

Assessments provided by the Medical Council of Canada are not accepted.

Medical Laboratory Science and/or Respiratory Therapy Applicants

Applicants to the Medical Laboratory Science and/or Respiratory Therapy programs must submit a credential assessment of high school transcript in the form of an ICAS Secondary School Comprehensive Report. For more information, please see the admission requirements for these programs

Fundamentals of Health Care Applicants

Applicants to the Fundamentals of Health Care programs are strongly encouraged to submit a credential assessment of high school transcript in the form of an ICAS Secondary School Comprehensive Report. For post-secondary transcripts, educational credential assessments (evaluations for immigration) are acceptable. Course-by-course evaluation is not required unless applicants intend to apply for transfer credits or exemptions once enrolled in the program.

Unable to Obtain International Transcripts?

If it is impossible to obtain official documents from any school(s), you should ask the Government Education officials in the country in which the credential was awarded to furnish an official statement testifying to the impossibility of obtaining records and a list of courses taken and grades received by the applicant in that school or university. Each case will be reviewed individually. In most instances, applicants may be required to demonstrate competency in each prerequisite by taking a Challenge Exam at a Canadian institution offering that prerequisite course.

WES Gateway Program

Internationally educated applicants that are unable to produce or have very limited proof of academic achievements as a result of adverse circumstances in their home country may consider obtaining credential assessment through the WES Gateway Program. This program is currently available for individuals from Afghanistan, Eritrea, Iraq, Syria, Turkey, Ukraine, and Venezuela. To learn more about this program, please check the WES Gateway Program website .

University of Toronto MRS Applicants

Applicants to the Medical Radiation Sciences (MRS) program (Nuclear Medicine & Molecular Imaging Technology, Radiation Therapy or Radiological Technology) must provide copies of official/original academic documents which will be assessed by Enrolment Services at the University of Toronto. The MRS program does not require or evaluate external credential assessments like those provided by WES or ICAS.

All lectures, seminars, and clinical laboratory sessions at Michener are conducted in English. Adequate knowledge of and proficiency in written and spoken English is essential for student success. Applicants to Michener’s full-time and part-time programs can satisfy the English proficiency requirement by meeting ONE of the categories below.

1. Pass an English Language Assessment Test

You can take ONE of the English language proficiency tests listed below. Test results are only valid for two (2) years.

Michener English Language Assessment (MELA)

The Michener English Language Assessment (MELA) measures English Language proficiency in four skill areas: Speaking, Listening, Reading and Writing. The MELA test scores are reported using the Canadian Language Benchmarks which are a Canadian national standard of English Language proficiency. A minimum score of 8 on all components is required to be considered for admission to Michener programs. Visit the Michener English Language Assessment course page for Registration or MELA website for further information.

International English Language Testing System (IELTS)

Applicants require an overall IELTS score of 6.5 with all components (bands) of the test being at a 6 or above. ‘Academic’ test format is required. IELTS One Skill retake will not be considered for Admissions. All scores must be achieved on a single test date.

Please visit IELTS for more information.

Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL)

Michener only accepts TOEFL iBT and TOEFL Home Edition for admissions. Applicants must meet a minimum total score of 100 with a minimum of 22 each in the Writing and Speaking components. All scores must be achieved on a single test date. TOEFL MyBest scores will not be accepted for admissions.

For more information about the test and testing centers, please check the TOEFL website . You can also reach them by e-mail via Questions and Comments for the TOEFL Program and by phone at (609) 771-7100. The Michener Institute’s Designated Institution code is 0323.

Pearson Test of English Academic (PTE Academic)

The scoring for PTE Academic is an overall score of 65, with no communicative skill (reading, listening, writing, speaking) under 60. Pearson PTE  can typically provide a test date within 48 hours.

2. Registered or Licensed Canadian Health Care Provider

If you are a registered/licensed Health Care Provider in Canada, you are exempt from providing an English Language Assessment. This exemption does not apply for applicants to the Bridging Programs.

3. Completed Two-Years of Full-Time Post-Secondary Education where English is a Dominant Language

Applicants whose first language is not English but have completed two (2) years of full-time education at a post-secondary institution in a country where the dominant language is English are exempt from completing an English language assessment. If you fall under this category, you must provide an official transcript (or WES/ICAS evaluation) as part of your application. For the list of countries that are recognized as dominant English Language speaking countries, please check Michener’s English Language Requirements.

University of Toronto MRS Programs English Requirement

Applicants to the Medical Radiation Sciences (MRS) program (University of Toronto joint programs in Nuclear Medicine & Molecular Imaging Technology, Radiation Therapy or Radiological Technology) must refer to University of Toronto English Language Requirements.

More information and resources for Internationally Educated Applicants and students are available on the Support for Internationally Educated Students page.