Fees & Financial Aid

Your education at Michener is an investment in your future!

Learn about fees and options to help finance your education.

Michener recognizes that financing your education is as much of a challenge as final exams. There are a number of financial assistance programs available to Michener students, including:

Michener Bridge Loans

Michener has a Bridge Loan program to help students who are facing financial constraints due to late arriving loan documents. Michener will lend a portion of the expected government student loan to students who demonstrate need. The amount of the bridge loan will be deducted from the government loan when the documents arrive.

Emergency Loans

Students who find themselves in personal financial difficulty through unforeseen circumstances, and who have exhausted all other avenues of possible revenue, should contact the Financial Aid Officer. To be considered for an emergency loan, you will be required to complete and return a formal application, and emergency loan recipients must sign a legally binding repayment agreement.

If you do not receive an anticipated government award or have all or part of it reclaimed by the government, you are still responsible to The Michener Institute for repayment of emergency loans. Students who fail to repay their loans as agreed to in the loan contract, and who have not made alternative arrangements with the Financial Aid Officer, will be in default. You will be sent a letter containing the details of the outstanding debt, the procedure for repayment and the consequences of non-payment.

Financial Counselling

Michener understands that funding your education isn’t always easy and we do our best to help you find solutions. We have a full-time Financial Aid Counsellor on staff who can:

  • Assist you with financial aid planning
  • Provide information on all financial aid programs
  • Offer budgeting assistance
  • Give advice and alternatives

You can reach Michener’s Financial Aid Counsellor at regoffice@michener.ca.

Student Employment Opportunities

Throughout the school year and during the summer, Michener often offers casual employment opportunities to its students. Please email success@michener.ca to add your resume to our job bank.

Medical Radiation Science Students

Students entering or enrolled in the joint Michener/University of Toronto medical radiation science programs (Nuclear Medicine, Radiation Therapy and Radiological Technology) are also eligible for aid and awards offered by the University of Toronto.

Contact Us

We welcome questions in person, by phone, or e-mail. Feel free to visit us at:

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Hours: Monday to Friday 0830 – 1630h as of May 22, 2018
Call: (416) 596-3117 | Toll Free: 1-800-387-9066
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