Post Admission Requirements

Once you have accepted your offer of admission, you’ll need to meet the following post-admission requirements by the deadline indicated in your offer letter:

  1. Health Requirements
    Health requirements are mandatory for all Michener students. Start the process of obtaining your Health Requirements immediately upon accepting your Offer of Admission to ensure that you meet the deadlines. This process will involve multiple visits to your physician/health care provider. Students are responsible for costs incurred. More information is available on the Health Requirements page. Health Requirement documents are uploaded through the Michener Self-Service Portal. Contact the Health Services Department at for questions.
  2. Vulnerable Sector Check (VSC)
    All students who accept an offer of admission into a Michener program must submit proof of a Vulnerable Sector Check, conducted at their expense. Completed Vulnerable Sector Checks are uploaded to the Michener Self-Service Portal. Failure to do so may result in a revocation of admission or restriction on clinical activities.
  3. Mask Fit Testing
    Students must attend respiratory protection training and be mask-fit tested prior to attending their clinical placement. Students must also comply with their clinical site’s respiratory protection policies. Visit the Mask Fit Testing page for more information.
  4. Health Professional Licensure Status and Criminal Charges or Convictions
    In addition to offences disclosed under the Vulnerable Sector Check (VSC), accepted applicants are required to disclose if they have been charged with (where charges are still outstanding or unresolved) or convicted of an offense under any other Federal statute or international law (other offenses) and to disclose if they have been charged (where charges are still outstanding and unresolved) or have been disciplined by any professional body or association.
  5. Mandatory Annual Training
    Accepted applicants will agree to complete annual mandatory training requirements including Cybersecurity Training and Workplace Hazardous Materials Information System (WHMIS) training program during the first week of classes.
  6. Participation in Learning Activities/Recording of Learning Activities
    Accepted applicants will agree to participate in learning activities that will include practicing real and/or simulated learning activities which at time may involve fellow classmates, volunteers, and/or other individuals under the supervision of qualified program faculty. Accepted applicants will also agree to act as a simulated patient for other students. These activities may also be evaluated to determine competence acquisition and may be recorded (audio/video).
  7. Michener Policies
    Accepted applicants will attest that they have read and understand relevant policies with particular attention to Michener’s policies in the following areas:

    • Clinical Placement
      At the point of accepting an offer of admission, student agree to attend any placement site that is assigned to them knowing that sites may be located anywhere in Ontario and for some programs across Canada.
    • Community Right and Responsibilities
      Michener is committed to the establishment of an atmosphere of respect and civility and appreciation for the rights and responsibilities of all those associated with Michener.
    • Mandatory COVID-19 Vaccination
      All Michener students are required to be in compliance with the Mandatory COVID-19 Vaccination Policy with proof of full vaccination.