Books, Supplies & Other Fees

Costs are estimated for 2022-23.

If applicable, students are required to purchase textbooks at the University of Toronto Bookstore .

Textbooks Cost ($) by Program and the Year of Study
Program Year 1 Year 2
Anesthesia Assistant
Cardiovascular Perfusion 717.00
Chiropody 770.00 150.00
Diagnostic Cytology 807.00 352.00
Genetics Technology 446.00
Magnetic Resonance Imaging
Medical Laboratory Sciences 1,189.00 242.00
Respiratory Therapy 669.00 841.00
Ultrasound 850.00

Disposable or cloth lab coats are required for certain programs and must be purchased prior to the start of classes. They are available from the University of Toronto Bookstore. Some clinical sites require students to wear uniforms, which students are responsible for purchasing. Fees are non-refundable.

Supplies, Uniforms and Equipment Cost ($) by Program and the Year of Study
Program Year 1 Year 2 Year 3
Cardiovascular Perfusion 100.00 100.00
Chiropody 2,827.00 880.00 300.00
Diagnostic Cytology 735.00
Genetics Technology 175.00
Medical Laboratory Sciences 285.00 100.00
Respiratory Therapy 230.00 260.00 160.00
Ultrasound 215.00  200.00

Professional Exam Fees

A number of students write a professional examination after completing programs at The Michener Institute. Requirements and fees vary. Fees are non-refundable.

Professional Exam Fees ($) by Program and the Year of Study
Program Year 2 Year 3
Cardiovascular Perfusion 1,225.00
Chiropody 2,600.00
Diagnostic Cytology 1,265.00
Genetics Technology 1,265.00
Medical Laboratory Sciences 1,025.00
Respiratory Therapy 1,015.00
Ultrasound 1,000.00

Professional Society Fees

Students may be required to join a professional association while attending Michener. Requirements and fees vary.

Payment Methods

Tuition fees can be paid directly to Michener by one of five ways:

  1. Self-Service (Log on at and select Finances and then Balance and then the correct term). Please note that a 2.5% surcharge will be added to student accounts for tuition payments made on Self-Service;
  2. Credit Card (American Express, Visa or MasterCard). A 2.5% surcharge will be added to student accounts for credit card payments;
  3. Cash or Debit Card (in-person only – currently not available);
  4. Money Order or Certified Cheque made payable to The Michener Institute (personal cheques or cash sent through the mail are not accepted); or
  5. Online or Direct Banking – Michener offers tuition payment options directly through these major Canadian banks: Bank of Montreal  | CIBC  | Royal Bank  | Scotiabank  | TD Canada Trust . For direct banking or online payments, please indicate The Michener Institute as the payee and your 9-digit Michener student ID number (prepended with 0’s) as the Michener account number.
  6. Michener now accepts Higher Ed Points, which means you can convert your TD, CIBC, American Express or Aeroplan points/miles into $250 worth of credits towards your tuition fees. Visit for information about how to join, redeem points, and transfer the credits to Michener. Anyone can offer their loyalty points to a Michener student. Students can also crowd source points by setting up a charitable “pooling” account.

    Late or Non-Payment

    Students who do not pay Fees by the Tuition Fee Deadline will be assessed a $150.00 Late Payment fee.

    Access to Michener systems, transcripts and credentials will be withheld until all outstanding fees have been paid.

    Third Party Billing

    Students whose tuition fees are sponsored by a third party organization and would like to request for a direct billing from Michener, must submit a purchase order and/or a financial agreement that includes the following  information to

    • Name of organization, address, contact details and contact person
    • Full name of sponsored student
    • Course/Program name


    Students who officially withdraw:

    • Before the official start of classes for any given semester and up to 10 days of the beginning of a semester, will receive a full refund of their tuition (less the non-refundable tuition deposit for first-year students);
    • From the 11th day of classes to the 20th day of classes will receive a refund of 60 percent of tuition fees paid, (less the tuition deposit for first year, first semester students). Tuition fees paid for any future semesters will be refunded;
    • After the 20th day of classes will receive no tuition refund for the semester. Refer to the important date’s calendar for the exact date for each semester). Tuition fees paid for any future semesters will be refunded in full.

    Students who have received Ontario Student Loans or Canada Student Loans will have their refunds forwarded to the National Student Loans Centre.

    Academic Appeal (non-refundable): $25.00
    CE Credential Replacement: $25.00
    Credential Replacement: $50.00
    Confirmation of Enrolment: $12.00
    Confirmation of Graduation: $12.00
    Course Outline (per copy): $3.00
    Transcript (official per copy): $12.00
    Transfer Credit: $25.00

    For details please visit our Residence Information page.

    Through a referendum, Michener students ratified that all full and part-time students in base-funded programs will pay a $10 per academic year Student Bursary Levy which is collected with tuition as part of the Ancillary Fees. Students may choose to opt out by notifying the Registrar in writing. This opt-out would then be for the academic year (opt-outs must occur each year of study) and they would not be eligible for consideration to apply for the Michener Student Council Awards or the General Bursary.

    Please note – Under any agreement if The Michener Institute is prevented, delayed or interrupted in performing its obligations due to any occurrence beyond its control, such as, but not limited to, labour disruptions (including strikes, walkouts, and lockouts), wars or acts of governments or government agencies or other authorities having jurisdiction, then such prevention, delay or interruption shall not be construed to be a default under any agreement entered into.