Say Yes to Michener

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Congratulations on receiving an offer of admission to Michener! Deciding for your future can be challenging, which is why we have organized this event that can help you with your decision.

Come and join us on May 22nd for an exclusive Michener student experience: meet current students and faculty, take a tour of our labs and facilities, and more!

Michener MLS students

1:00 PM Registration
1:30 PM Welcome Ceremony
2:00 PM Program Information Sessions
3:00 PM Tour of Labs, Facilities, and more!

Michener Respiratory Therapy Students

Dr. Harvey Weingarten, Principal
Ray Nielsen, Dean of Students
Miranda Cheng, Registrar
Julien Gonsalves, Financial Aid & Awards Officer

Note: Participants in the 2024 Say “Yes” to Michener are consenting to The Michener Institute recording, broadcasting, reproducing and using their visual and/or aural likeness from any still images, video recordings and/or audio recordings, in any medium, for any purpose, for perpetuity unless consent is explicitly denied by contacting The Michener Institute is the copyright owner of the recorded materials and reserves all rights.