Alexandra Mitchell Prudencio Memorial Scholarship

Program(s): Nuclear Medicine

Title: Alexandra Mitchell Prudencio Memorial Scholarship

Code: S-02-9234

Type: Scholarship

Term Status: Completed Clinical 1 (Sem 6)

Residency Requirements: Ontario resident. Canadian Citizen (or PR or PP).

OTSS Funded*: Yes

Demonstrated Financial Need*: Yes

Criteria 1: Taken an active role in class and/or Institute activities.

Criteria 2: Clinically competent in the field of Nuclear Medicine

Criteria 3:

Minimum GPA: B no Supp

Type of Application: Application & Recommendation

Application Requirements: A one-page written application outlining why he/she is eligible for this award based on the criteria.

Nomination/Reference Requirements: A letter of recommendation from the clinical co-ordinator. Recommended by the clinical co-ordinator for demonstrating excellent patient care while in the clinical setting

Selection Made By: scholarship & Awards Committee

Award Value: $500

Number of Awards: 1

Application Instructions:

Refer to the “Application Requirements” and “Criteria” above and provide evidence of how you meet the criteria to clearly indicating the award you are applying for by the deadline date (September 27).

*If the Scholarship, Award or Named Bursary indicates “Yes” to “OTSS Funded” and/or “Demonstrated Financial Need”, a Financial Need Assessment form must be submitted with your application.

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