Molecular Genetics

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Self-directed learning, online


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Continuous enrolment max one year


Jean-Paul Nadeau, MSc, MLT (Clinical Genetics)

Learner Outcomes

This course has been created to support the understanding of Molecular Genetics through the study of DNA, gene expression and mutations, DNA sequencing, genetic testing and treatments, cancer genetics and other DNA-related technologies. This is an excellent introductory course in Molecular Genetics for health care practitioners, internationally trained health care practitioners and those interested in developing careers in human/medical genetics.


A final grade of at least 70% in this course will satisfy the requirement for Michener’s Genetics Technology program.

Evaluation Method

Module quizzes and final exam

Intended For

Anyone requiring foundational knowledge in Molecular Genetics.

This course also meets the pre-requisite requirements for the Genetics Technology Program.

CMLTO Approved Refresher Course


This course meets the pre-requisite requirements for the Genetics Technology Program. Please check deadlines for application and completion for valid entry qualifications.

Part of the College of Medical Laboratory Technologists of Ontario’s list of approved refresher courses for Clinical Genetics.

Text Book

Ricki Lewis, Human Genetics: concepts and applications, 12th edition, McGraw-Hill Education company, New York, 2018

Topics Covered

DNA Structure and Replication

Gene Action: From DNA to Protein

Gene Expression and Epigenetics

Gene Mutation

DNA Technologies

History and Future of DNA Sequencing

Chromosomes and Molecular Cytogenetics

Genetic Testing and Treatment


Genetics of Immunity

Cancer Genetics and Genomics

DNA Related Technologies

Molecular Genetics – MGCE110

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