Dr. J.E. Prince Nuclear Medicine Scholarship

This award is presented to a student who has demonstrated an interest in health care and the community and is currently completing his or her clinical component of the program.

Program(s): Nuclear Medicine

Title: Dr. J.E. Prince Nuclear Medicine Scholarship

Code: S-12-9213

Type: Award

Term Status: Enrolled in Program

Residency Requirements: Ontario resident. Canadian Citizen (or PR or PP).

OTSS Funded**: Yes

Demonstrated Financial Need*: Yes

Criteria 1: Good academic standing

Criteria 2: Demonstrated passion for Nuclear Medicine by showing commitment to learning and continuous improvement. Incrementally improved his/her technical skills and knowledge.

Criteria 3: Conveyed strong interpersonal and communication skills, or demonstrated a high standard of patient-centered care. Contributed to his/her community, including Michener, through volunteerism and leadership.

Minimum GPA:

Type of Application: Application and nomination.

Application Requirements: An essay (350 words max) describing/ demonstrating the student’s passion for Nuclear Medicine and community involvement highlighting their qualifications.

Nomination/Reference Requirements: Nomination letter: A nomination letter from a faculty member or a clinical educator/coordinator, demonstrating the student’s improvement in technical skills, strong interpersonal skills or evidence of patient-centered care, and commitment to learning and continuous improvement in the field of Nuclear Medicine

Selection Made By: Scholarship & Awards Committee

Award Value: $500

Number of Awards: 1

Application Instructions:

Refer to the “Application Requirements” and “Criteria” above and provide written evidence of how you meet the criteria and upload with your application.

*If the Scholarship, Award or Named Bursary indicates “Yes” to “OTSS Funded” and/or “Demonstrated Financial Need”, have your income and expense information handy to enter on page 2 of the online application.

**Michener established various endowed Awards through generous donor contributions that were matched by the provincial government’s Ontario Trust for Student Support (OTSS). The income generated from these endowments is used to support Awards for Michener students who are Canadian citizens (or permanent residents or protected persons), who are residents of Ontario (student has lived in Ontario for at least 12 consecutive months up to the beginning of full-time post-secondary study).