Domestic Tuition Fees

2017-2018 Fees Structure

Tuition Other Total(s)
Chiropody Current Yr 1 Fall, Winter 6,196 1,089 7,285
Current Yr 2 Fall, Winter, Summer 9,250 879 10.129
Current Yr 3 Fall, Winter 6,166 680 6,846
Cardiovascular Perfusion Current Yr 1
Fall, Winter, Summer 12,497 1,089 13,586
Current Yr 2 Fall, Winter 7,895 680 8,575
Diagnostic Cytology Current Yr 1 Fall, Winter, Summer 8,130 1,089 9,219
Current Yr 2 Fall 2,697 680 3,377
Genetics Technology Current Yr 1 Fall, Winter, Summer 8,130 1,089 9,219
Current Yr 2 Fall 2,697 680 3,377
Medical Laboratory Science Current Yr 1 Fall, Winter 6,507 1,089 7,596
Current Yr 2 Fall, Winter, Summer 9,714 879 10,593
Current Yr 3 Fall 3,238 680 3,918
Respiratory Therapy Current Yr 1 Fall, Winter 3,856 1,089 4,945
Current Yr 2 Fall, Winter, Summer 5,757 879 6,636
Current Yr 3 Fall, Winter 3,836 680 4,516
Ultrasound Current Yr 1 Fall, Winter, Summer 8,130 1,089 9,219
Current Yr 2 Fall, Winter 5,394 680 6,074
MICHENER PART TIME PROGRAMS Current Semester Course Code 2017-18 Mandatory Fees
Course Fee Other Total
Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) Current Semester 1 PHMR110 1,021  238 1,259
Current Semester 2 PCMR121 1,021 1,021
PAMR120 1,021 1,021
Current Semester 3 APMR130 1,021 1,021
MRMR130 983 983
Current Semester 4 MRMR242 1,092 1,092
Current Semester 5 CLMR251 3,635 3,635
Anesthesia Assistant Current Semester 1 IAAN111 4,415  238 4,653
Current Semester 2 GRAN111 4,415 4415
Current Semester 3 CLAN121 4.415 4415


Tuition Other Total ($)
Medical Radiation Sciences

  • Nuclear Medicine
  • Radiation Therapy
  • Radiological Technology
Yr 1 7,440 2,227.36 9,667.36
Yr 2 7,440 2,227.36 9,667.36
Yr 3 7,440


NOTES: These fees are administered by and paid to the University of Toronto. For further details refer to the U of T Fees website at


2017-18 FEES ($)
YR 1 YR 2 YR 3
Digital Media Fee
The fee covers the cost of printed notes; electronic notes in PDF, MS Office or other formats; software licensing agreements; cd’s; video files; audio files; Blackboard account; intellectual property ownership and material copyrights.
240 220 115
Student Activity Fee
This annual fee is used to support the Student Council, from orientation through to graduation. The fee is applicable to full-time students and includes student enrolment fee, athletics, student council, student handbooks, lockers, and other activities sponsored by the council throughout the year. The orientation fee is charged in the first year only.
276 141 134
Student Success Fee
The fee includes the student health insurance plan, counselling services, peer tutoring,  workshops,  seminars and other activities throughout the year. A mandatory Mask Fitting fee of $55 is charged in the first year only. This covers the use of the fit testing solutions, i.e. bitrex or saccharine, as well as other fit testing materials such as masks, hoods and collars the use of the Porta Count machine for additional fit testing, if necessary; the time of the Fit Tester (s) and Fit Test Coordinator; the provision of a Fit Testing Worksheet and Fit Testing card for each student.
473 418 331
Technology Fee
The fee is charged each semester and provides for software licensing, student electronic mail accounts, Internet access, systems infrastructure upgrades, Learning Resources Center access and related printing services
100 100 100
TOTAL ANNUAL FEE ($) 1089 879 680

Domestic Tuition Fees for Students in Full-Time Programs

The schedule of fees described in this policy applies to Canadian citizens and persons lawfully admitted to Canada for purposes of permanent residence. International students are required to pay a tuition fee surcharge.

The majority of Michener’s core programs are subsidized by the Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care, helping to keep tuition costs as low as possible.

The Michener Institute reviews all its fees and services annually and makes the appropriate adjustment in the fee structure by February of each year. Fees are based on Michener’s academic year which runs from September until August. Please note that fees are published for the current or next academic year only.

Program Fees

Tuition fees for full-time programs at The Michener Institute are charged by program and not by individual course.

Fees Invoice

Upon acceptance into a program and payment of fee deposit as specified on admission offer, students will be mailed a statement of tuition fees outlining the fees due for the upcoming academic year along with payment options and payment due dates.

Fee Payment: Deadlines, Deferrals, Refunds


Please note that tuition fees are due before the start of classes. Late or non-payment of any portion of the fees will affect student’s registration in the program.

Fee Deadlines for 2017-18 Academic Year

Due Dates First Installment (FALL Semester fees)
Year 1 Students August 2, 2017
All Returning Students August 8, 2017
Students who deferred fees* September 13, 2017


Due Dates Second Installment (All WINTER and SUMMER Semester fees)
All Students December 4, 2017
Students who deferred fees* January 17, 2018

Tuition fees in arrears of 90 days will be sent to a collection agency.


Students who have applied for OSAP or out-of-province student assistance may choose to defer their payment to a later date. Please note that students must have their deferred fees paid by the due dates indicated in the table above. Requests for a deferral of fee to OSAP funding are made on a Fee Deferral Authorization Form. The completed form must be submitted to the Registrar’s Office by the August payment deadline that pertains to the student (e.g. Year 1 or returning student). To obtain the deferral form, click the OSAP Deferral Form. The fee deferral form is valid for one academic year (Fall and Winter/Summer semesters).


For your convenience, tuition fees can be paid directly to Michener by one of four ways:

  • Credit card (American Express, Visa or MasterCard)
    • A 2.5% surcharge will be automatically applied to credit card payments
  • Cash or debit card
    • In-person only
  • Money order or certified cheque made payable to: The Michener Institute
    • We regret that we are unable to accept personal and post-dated cheques or cash sent through the mail. Uncertified cheques are not acceptable and will be returned.
  • Online or direct banking

The Michener Institute offers tuition payment options directly through these major Canadian banks:
Bank of Montreal | CIBC | Royal Bank | Scotiabank | TD Canada Trust

For direct banking or online payments, please indicate The Michener Institute as the payee, and the 9-digit Michener student ID number should be used as the Michener account number.


New students who do not pay (or defer) fees by the due date will have their enrolment cancelled automatically and without further notice. Returning students who do not pay ( or defer) fees by the date specified will not be enrolled into classes. Timetables will not be released to students who have not paid or made arrangements to pay fees. Michener transcripts and certificates/diplomas will be withheld for students until outstanding fees/fines have been paid.


Students who officially withdraw:

  • Before the official start of classes for any given semester and up to 10 days of the beginning of a semester, will receive a full refund of their tuition (less the non-refundable tuition deposit for first year students).
  • From the 11th day of classes to the 20th will receive a refund of 60 per cent of tuition fees paid, (less the tuition deposit for first year, first semester students). Tuition fees paid for any future semesters will be refunded
  • After the 20th day of classes will receive no tuition refund for the current semester. (Refer to the important date’s calendar for the exact date for each semester). Tuition fees paid for any future semesters will be refunded in full.

Students who have received Ontario Student Loans or Canada Student Loans will have their refunds forwarded to their lending institution.

Other Related Non-Tuition Fees

Academic Appeal

Students who launch an academic appeal are required by the current policy to pay a non-refundable $25 fee for each level and type of appeal. The fee covers all matters under appeal, and is payable at the Registrar’s Office.

Diploma/Certificate Replacement Fee

The replacement fee for a diploma or certificate is $50.

Student Bursary Levy

A $10 fee is charged once per academic year and is collected as part of the Alumni Fee. All full and part time students contribute $10 each year toward Michener’s student Bursary Fund. This levy is not mandatory, and students may opt out by contacting the Registrar’s Office. Students who opt out of the Student Bursary Levy are not eligible to apply for the Michener Student Council Award.

Additional Expenses

Equipment Deposits

A deposit may be charged for certain items of equipment issued to students for individual use during the program. Specific details are included with the Fees Invoice. A portion of this deposit may be refunded when the equipment is returned.

Laboratory Coats

Disposable or cloth lab coats are required for certain programs and must be purchased prior to the start of classes. They are available from the University of Toronto Bookstore. Some clinical sites require students to wear uniforms, which students are also responsible to purchase.

Professional Society Fees

Students may be required to join a professional association while attending The Michener Institute. Requirements and fees vary.

Residence Accomodation

For details visit the Residence website.

Service Charges

Additional fees may be incurred for photocopying, faxing and mailing documents, such as course outlines or transcripts.


If applicable, students are required to purchase textbooks, available at the University of Toronto Bookstore, 214 College Street, Toronto.

Please note, that under any agreement if The Michener Institute is prevented, delayed or interrupted in performing its obligations due to any occurrence beyond its control, such as, but not limited to, labour disruptions (including strikes, walkouts and lockouts), wars or acts of governments or government agencies or other authorities having jurisdiction, then such prevention, delay or interruption shall not be construed to be a default under any agreement entered into.