Dentons Law Humanitarian Field Experience Grant

This grant is designed to support Michener students who are providing humanitarian aid to refugees, displaced persons or populations whose health, or access to health care, is affected by conflict, natural disasters, or lack of health infrastructure systems.

The primary purpose of the student’s humanitarian mission is to deliver humanitarian aid and health care in the form of education, hands-on assistance or distribution of food supplies or medical equipment, and must fall within the scope of their applied health discipline. The grant is to be used to offset the costs of travel and accommodation.

Program Eligibility:

  • Awarded to up to 3 students annually, registered in any full-time program at The Michener Institute
  • Must be a student in good academic standing
  • The field experience and aid must be within their professional scope of practice as a registered student
  • Humanitarian aid must be under the umbrella supervision of a licensed and registered professional or organization representing the equivalent profession or field of study.


The grant will be awarded to a student who has successfully completed his/her 1st OR 2nd year of study, OR who is in their graduating year, having successfully completed clinical placement requirements, and who:

  • Has a clear interest in Global health issues as demonstrated through their community work; volunteerism; and focus of work assignments through their Michener curriculum.
  • Demonstrates competency as a member of a collaborative health care team and comfortable navigating interprofessional situations.
  • Demonstrates a high degree of sensitivity to cultural issues and respect for diversity

Student must commit to:

    • Submit a minimum of 5 photo and/or video blog entries representing their activities during their field experience (if possible, and due to telecommunications limitations)
    • Write an article for Michener News or Michener Magazine within 1-2 months of returning to Canada, describing:  their experience and impact on local populations; the impact on their own learning or understandings; knowledge gained about their profession and future application of that knowledge or experience in their professional practice.
    • Create a poster presentation for profession-specific and interprofessional knowledge sharing and transfer at their professional association conference within 3 months of returning to Canada.
    • Share their field experiences with the Donors, other Michener students, faculty and administration through Student Rounds, Common Time, Town  Halls etc.

Award Amount:

Up to $4,000 to be shared among a maximum of three recipients

To Apply: By Submission

Applicants must submit:

  • An outline (250 words) describing the Humanitarian purpose of his/her intended field experience and explaining how the experience would contribute to the applicant’s chosen profession.
  • An essay (500 words) describing their qualifications, as outlined in the above criteria, and interest in Global health issues and humanitarian issues. (Essay Template)
  • A summary of estimated expenditures and the amount of money that the applicant will contribute toward their field experience including any fundraising activities used to support their mission. The summary should be supported with documentation referencing actual costs incurred, quotes from a travel agent or travel website, letter from accommodation site with pricing etc. (Dentons Law Reconciliation Form)
  • A letter of support from a Michener faculty member who can vouch for the student’s qualifications, as outlined in the above criteria. (Letter of Reference Template)
  • An external letter of support from the sponsoring organization. (Letter of Reference Template)
  • Medical clearance from Michener’s health nurse, identifying specific clearance for the country student will travel to as well as clearance of Michener’s requirements.

Only the successful applicant(s) will be notified.

Deadline for submission: Anytime. Submission must be made at least six months prior to date of travel. Recipients will be announced by the Donor at the Annual Student Awards ceremony.


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