PICC Insertion: A Comprehensive Guide

Course Information

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Instruction Method

Online modules and one day workshop. Workshop dates may change due to unexpected events or unforeseen restrictions or number of attendees.




12 weeks


Mark St. Denis, Shahvand Masihi

Evaluation Method

Online learning checks, online exam and competency assessment. (Competency assessment completed on simulation arms only, for live insertions this must be done under supervision)

Highly Recommended: Post-course commitment to have successful PICC insertions documented by supervisor. It is best practice to have a minimum of 10 successful insertions per year to remain competent.

Students will be required to successfully complete the online portion, after which they will attend a full-day workshop (at UHN). (covered by the online registration fee)

At the successful completion of online work and the workshop, a certificate of attendance will be awarded. This certification confirms completion of online content and one day workshop. Completion of this course does not represent the level of competency required for independent insertions

Intended For

Nurses, Regulated Health Professionals


Online content is available Feb. 5 – May 3, 2024 with onsite workshop scheduled Sat. May 4, 2024

Text Book

Materials provided


Online and Onsite Workshop

Topics Covered

  • Various types
  • Ultrasound Physics
  • Vascular Anatomy and Site Selection
  • Preparing for PICC Insertion
  • Inserting the PICC
  • Insertion Techniques and Catheter tip Confirmation
  • Peripherally Inserted Central Catheters
  • Managing Complications
  • Documentation
  • PICC Care and Maintenance
  • Patient Education
  • Sterile Field

PIIR110 – PICC Insertion: A Comprehensive Guide

It is highly recommended that students return to their home hospital to assist and participate in PICC insertions, with manager (or like position) approval. As found in literature, a minimum of 10 of any given procedure performed within a year is needed to remain professionally responsible to continue.

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