The Health Care Ecosystem: Behind the Scenes

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Instruction Method

Delivered online, using the Learning Management System- Blackboard.

There will be synchronous and asynchronous activities that you will be required to attend and participate.


Domestic fee $974, International fee $1271


13 weeks


Husayn Marani

Learner Outcomes

  1. Foster the use of digital solutions that promote equity, diversity, inclusion for clinicians and patients,
    including the most vulnerable and underserved in the community
  2. Capable of working in a variety of healthcare organizations either publicly funded (i.e., hospitals, local
    or federal government) or privately funded (in product development or consulting) to bridge the
    technology and clinical gap and enable seamless healthcare digital product development
  3. Develop a deep understanding of existing provincial and national programs and opportunities, roles of
    the government and available data sets for clinical care

Course Objectives

Target Course Competencies

  1. Differentiate the roles of the various stakeholders in the funding and delivery of healthcare in Canada,
    including government agencies, regulatory bodies, industry, and individual healthcare institutions.
  2. Examine how the structure of the Canadian healthcare system impacts care delivery within and across
  3. Compare and contrast predominant international healthcare funding and delivery models as they
    relate to the Canadian system.
  4. Consider frameworks for healthcare quality applicable in the Canadian context.
  5. Relate social determinants of health to key system performance indicators, including the intersection
    with underlying structures influencing equity and access.

Evaluation Method

Assignments- Briefing Note, Position Paper, Debate notes
2 Quizzes
Participation and Engagement

Intended For

This is a course that will give you the understanding, knowledge and tools to navigate the Canadian Healthcare System.  This course can be one of the 4 required courses of the Clinical Management Certificate Program; it can be taken independently; great compliment to the Leadership in Healthcare Certificate ProgramClinical Research Certificate Program or Quality Management Certificate Program.

Text Book

Materials provided


Virtual/ online delivery, Zoom link(s)provided

Topics Covered

  • Structure and Governance of Canada’s Health System- Provincial and Federal
  • Health Financing
  • Delivery in Canada – Public and Private
  • Indigenous Health
  • Comparing Healthcare Systems
  • Public Health and Pandemic Control
  • Population Health and Social Determinants of Health
  • Digital and Data Tools in Health  for Policy Decision Makers

HECE110 The Health Care Ecosystem: Behind the Scenes

Digital health professionals operate within a complex, multi-faceted and ever evolving health ecosystem, that
encompasses everything from the clinic to the legislature. Every decision can have immense impact. We will
take you behind the scenes of healthcare and you will expand your knowledge of how healthcare works,
exploring several models with a keen focus on how Canada’s healthcare system provides care and supports
digitally enabled systems in comparison to other systems. You will learn the fundamental vocabulary and
concepts that are foundational to understanding the national and international healthcare landscape.

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