Education solutions for an evolving health system

Driven by our commitment to deliver quality academic programs, we respond quickly and creatively to emerging health education demands, including preparing students to better care for and understand the needs of seniors.

Simulation Enhanced Education

Simulation Enhanced Education

Michener’s simulated clinical environments, including advanced technology suites, allow students to gain confidence and prepare for what they may encounter in real-world clinical settings.

Responsive Curricula

Responsive Curricula

Michener continuously adapts and develops full time and continuing education curricula to respond to current and emerging needs of the healthcare system and that reflect the constant evolution of clinical practice.

Interprofessional Collaboration

Interprofessional Education and Collaboration

Students from different healthcare disciplines engage in team-based learning that builds the attitudes, skills and competencies to work effectively in a team and demonstrate leadership and professionalism in practice.

Read more about how Michener uses the technology of Objective Structured Clinical Examination (OSCE) suites to enhance simulation experience.

Read about our participation at the Ontario Hospital Association HealthAchieve 2014 for a sneak peek of our Working with Seniors curriculum. Visit our Programs in Profile page to understand how Interprofessional Education and Collaboration are incorporated across the continuum of care.