Clinical Research Certificate Program

Clinical Research Certificate Program:
at a glance

Credential(s) Earned: Certificate

Program Length: Varies depending on the student; on average 12-24 months

Start Date: Offered through Continuing Education

Tuition: Per-Course Basis


The Clinical Research Certificate program is an online program that responds to the needs of the rapidly expanding field of Clinical Research, creating exciting opportunities for trained professionals.

Please note, NEW program requirements as of September 1, 2022. All applications to the program after September 1, 2022 must meet the new requirements: 6 required each 4.8 CEUs with a total of 240 hours.

Required courses

CRCR130 (Principles of Clinical Research I)
ETCR120 (Ethical Issues in Clinical Research)
QCCR110 (Quality & Compliance in Clinical Research)
MCCR140 (Monitoring Clinical Trials)
RMCR110 (Research Methodology & Biostatistics)
SCCR240 (Elements of Clinical Study Coordination)

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What are Clinical Trials?

Clinical trials are well controlled, scientific studies conducted on human subjects. These studies test the effects, risks and benefits of medicinal products, including new and currently marketed drugs and devices.

Program Insights: Perspectives from Our Educators

Empowering Healthcare Change: Program Overview

Embark on the Path to Clinical Research Excellence

What does a Clinical Research Professional do?

The Clinical Research Team is made of a number of professionals, each with its own role and responsibility to contribute to the overall success of the clinical trial. Members of the team include the investigator, research coordinator, sponsor, clinical research associate (monitor), quality assurance associate, nurses, technicians and more. These team members assist in the design, preparation, planning, implementation, conduct and review of a clinical trial to ensure it adheres to regulatory and ethical standards.

Why become a Clinical Research Professional?

Clinical Research professionals contribute to research studies that in turn have a major impact on health care, such as developing new medications, and testing new treatment devices and methods. Significant advancements in these areas and expanding regulatory requirements have increased the demand for trained clinical research professionals.

Career Opportunities

Clinical research is a rapidly expanding field, creating exciting opportunities for trained professionals. Clinical research professionals work in a broad range of research settings, including:

  • Academic health centres
  • Government agencies and departments
  • Contract research organizations
  • Physician practices
  • Private companies, such as pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and medical device firms

Graduates of this program would seek entry level employment in the hospital or the private health sector. These employment settings may provide the opportunity to advance to more senior roles with additional education and/or experience.

Graduates of this program who meet the minimum requirements may be eligible to write certification examinations through either ACRP or SoCRA .

How long does the program take?

Michener’s Clinical Research Certificate program is offered online. Study on your own time, and complete the program in approx. twenty-four months depending on your schedule. Upon successful completion receive The Michener Institute’s Clinical Research Certificate of Achievement. 

Maximum time to complete the program would be one course per year; that is 6 required  courses, 6 years maximum to complete the certificate. 

Note: If you are currently working in Clinical Research you may be eligible for a Prior Learning Assessment, for the course Principles of Clinical Research I- CRCR130. Please contact for more information. 

Start Date

Courses for the Clinical Research Program are completed through continuing education on a course by course basis. Online courses are offered several times throughout the year. Many students wish to take these courses for interest only. You may register for these courses without applying for the certificate.

If you would like to be granted a certificate in this program, qualified students must meet the admission requirements as posted, including any language requirements, and must apply to the program with full supporting documentation before completing all required courses. This application can be made at any time while you are taking courses, however please note that it will take one month for the Registrar’s Office to process the application. If you are seeking admission to the certificate program prior to registering for a course, please ensure you apply for the certificate one month before Registration closes for the course. Please keep in mind that some courses close before the registration date if their maximum capacity is met.

If you plan to request the certificate, you must have approved acceptance into the program before completing the required courses.

NOTE: Anyone currently taking courses within Clinical Research Certificate program and have applied or will apply with acceptance received before September 1, 2022 are still eligible for the CR Certificate requirements, 4 required courses plus 1 elective. All applications after September 1, 2022 must complete new requirements, 6 required courses. 

Admission Requirements

Admission requirements to the Certificate Program are:

  • Bachelor of Science in a health sciences field or
  • Registered Nurse or
  • Registration in one of the regulated health professions or
  • Certification with a recognized body in one of the health technologies [e.g. certification with CSMLS, CSRT or CAMRT] or
  • Current employment in clinical research
  • Computer literacy

Please Note: Applicants who do not meet the above requirements but who have current, relevant work experience in an appropriate research environment will be assessed on an individual basis. Submission of two letters of support will be required; one from a direct supervisor and one from your human resources department. A current resume describing your background and experience will also be required.

Students must have access to a computer that meets the minimum system requirements, access to the Internet and an e-mail account.

Students must meet Michener’s English Language Requirements. Please visit Internationally educated applicants page for further information. If you require an English language assessment, please review our English Language Assessment page for specific requirements.

If you are in international applicant, please visit International Admission Procedures & Requirements

How do I apply?

To apply please submit the following documents to The Michener Institute:

Your application should be sent to:

Office of the Registrar – The Michener Institute
222 St. Patrick Street
Toronto, ON M5T 1V4

What will I learn?

When you enroll in Michener’s Clinical Research Certificate program, you will acquire the technical expertise, knowledge and interpersonal skills needed to become a valuable member of a clinical research team.

  • Ethical theory and ethical issues related to clinical research
  • Phases and elements of clinical trials
  • Good clinical practices
  • Health Canada, ICH and Food and Drug Administration regulations and guidelines
  • Challenges in the conduct of clinical trials
  • Monitoring clinical trials
  • Quality and Compliance practices, guidelines and regulations in clinical research

Required Courses

Note: If you are currently working in Clinical Research you may be eligible for a Prior Learning Assessment, for the course Principles of Clinical Research I- CRCR130. Please contact for more information.